I don’t wanna know

Bob has lived for twenty years in the country, his desire to escape the city has been heard when he inherited a piece of land and it is there that he decided to spend the rest of his life.
He lives taking care of its plants and its animals, the only contact with other beings of his species has them when he has to go in the small village (five kilometers) to go shopping.

This idea came when one day, entering the circle of old men, was inundated by news of a TV on it was the news that talked about what had happened in the world in the last 24 hours.
On the way back, Bob had a black mood, he felt this feeling for years. He had absorbed the news unintentionally but those news had conditioned its existence at that time.

He knew there were so many bad things around but had no need to hear repeated every day, so the world would have gone ahead anyway and could not give his state of mind.

He decided to record. Yes, to register. Bob was a sports fan, the only real thing that was missing in the city was going to follow his team on Saturday afternoon. In the country he was granted the luxury to follow the matches live.

He turned on the TV, it was automatically tuned to the channel that was broadcasting the radio 60s continuously, but from there he could move around within the menu to select programs without seeing them, and set the record. Not taking any chances, he deactivated the volume, perhaps some news …

The TV was on for years on a daily basis just for this reason. He did not know what was going on in the world, saw that his team was playing, at times, with an opponent from international name, he supposed that it was engaged in a cup game.

There was no risk when going down to the grocery store, the little man of the supermarket had no TV or radio on, nor did he want to talk.

One day he had a problem “device memory to 20%.” How to do? Simple: Bob called customer service and they had to send another, all at his own expense (it was not a problem).

He began to pile up for years a decoder after the other, he wondered if there was a risk that some of these could no longer work, but then by electronics expert who was (his old job) thought he could still retrieve the content hard disk.

Years pass, Bob can not do those long walks than once, is now closer to his dog Frank after two human years, fails to make walking more than an hour, as it was only two years before .
He does not live badly, it is satisfied of its existence, knows there is a time for every thing and every season is enjoyed. Now it must spend more time in the house but the house is still in the country, just look to feel at peace.

The first three months they spent learning to play the guitar, fix up the house, in short, to do all those things you did before because they would remove it time to stand out.
It puts an end to the records, it’s time to turn on the first decoder. It has more than ten, excluding the one attached to the TV that was playing the last recording.

It ‘s summer, the championship is on vacation, begins its journey. Ten championships in three months, a game after another, epic encounters and some not; extra when the world had happened something serious (commentators and sports could not remain indifferent) also had non-sports information.
Bob became national champion three times in one summer.

And ‘from this story that a few years later comes “yesterdaybet” a program broadcast by national networks, sponsored by a famous betting agency.
Bettors (players) agree to stay two months in an isolated big house and see all the matches that were lost in a row, placing the bet. All the season finale in a week, of course, recorded by the cameras. A successful program for sports fans because it amused by the reactions of the players during games. And ‘it realized the dream of having a sports almanac from the future?

The story just told you connect to the “I do not know” devices (NVS).
A simple contraption made up of true wireless headphones, identifying the key word for entrane ear, turn it into a sound that I chose.
For example: I do not know anything about “news stories”? Imposed on the device. When someone talks about things that happened such as murders or similar, my device is activated and sends me what I decided: some have also set the sound of the sea to relax. Imagine you set it on people and on your mother-in-law.

There is even a device similar to a decoder which is positioned above the TV, this late in the day tells you how many keywords have been filtered. Some on TV when there was talk of the political “Richerdson” set the device to replace the word with “dude” and so during the day on TV we often heard that “thing did this” you “thing he said that.” At the end of the “thing” he was filtered day 887 times, “sex” remains unreachable to “7200”.