The year with no desire

I watched two birds chasing each other: any living thing without knowing how to read or write has basic installations. One of these is physical attraction to other beings. At least once in life we ​​all have heard this desire, often it has been reason of comparison. We regarded as a yardstick to see if you really want to have a relationship with an ‘other person and if you are really attracted to each other. We have often said: “I remember that when he entered the room made my blood boil, with this person it’s different.”

And if this desire to disappear from the world for a whole year? If for a year there is no attraction between living beings, what would happen?

I thought about what it feels like passing in front of a plant, to a tree. We can take care of them but we are not attracted in that way.

  1. There would be fewer births. Anyone wishing to have a child would do it anyway, there would be no unwanted births because no one would want to have sex.
  2. There would be no sexual violence.
  3. We would be deprived of one of those things that make life wonderful: feel the need to make love to the one you love.