Poples: the social network “real”

When you share an image on social networks, start to rain down the comments, but how many of these are true? What we mean is: how many really write what they think?
To answer this question we think “Poples”, the authors defined “true social network.” But how does it work? Who registers on Poples agrees to be taken up by the front camera of his device when looking, for example, a photo just shared. We’re talking about a time of one second of audio and video recording of our natural reaction to a new shared message, it’s a photo, a text or a comment.

The Poples creators explain that they had this idea when they thought the falsehood that lies behind the text you type. User reactions that are registered in other social networking sites are not lacking: it is kind a real fear that this algorithm can be applied elsewhere.

Imagine the “Mario” user reading a post shared by an acquaintance is a good laugh thinking “but where has copied this? but he is not so! it is about love and brotherhood? “. This is his thought, but what it will do, in 80% of cases, will be to put “like” the post and, at most, comment with a “you are great!” when in fact he did not really think. And if there was Poples that when the post for a second reading records Mario immortalizing his reaction? (the laugh)
Despite the fear of being stripped, the Poples users are growing, many register just to show that they are not false people. At the same time within the social network, he was born a cute little game that makes immediate analysis of the face as a percentage explaining the hidden feelings, seems to be in “Lie to Me” series with Tim Roth.
We will see some beautiful with this new social network.