Photos of the dreams

When you wake up from a dream, you feel the need to share it with someone, especially if you are talking about beautiful dreams. But even for nightmares, in telling them to others, one wants to find an explanation of why the mind has worked out such a thing and what the meaning may be. Explaining it, however, is never like having “seen” with your mind, there are environments, colors, moods that are not “convertible” in words.
At least once in everyone’s life, it happened that he realized that what he was experiencing was not reality; in short, dreamers might feel they were in a dream: we are talking about so-called “lucid dreams“.

Take a picture in the dream

Sleepclick Logo: your dreams in a photographic film

Based on all these speeches, the project “Sleepclick”, a common night mask with inside a photo processor, is able to extract a picture of the dream you are doing. Sleepclick’s principle of operation is based on the fact that there must be a physical space inside our body where the dream resides, that’s where Sleepclick captures his frame.



But how does it work?
When you are in a dream where you are sure to be dreaming, you have to think you want to take a picture. And that’s it. The device will activate and will take a shot of that image that we are experiencing dreaming.
When you wake up, by connecting the device to your company server, within one month you will be able to receive the photos of the dreams directly at home.

Package containing the mask for catching lucid dreams.
Box with mask and access credentials for the print portal of captured dreams.

For those who believe that all this is absurd, unless he loves ”Inception”
and you cannot understand that you are dreaming just because your mind is sleeping, we would like to advise you to apply one of those methods that will begin to have lucid dreams: think and tell yourself when you go to sleep that “tonight I will dream and I will know”. You will find that always thinking this thing sooner or later you will really do it.

Wand for selfie of lucid dream
Take a selfie while you sleep and dream.

Such a thing could be the end of the world of Photoshop, let’s imagine who in a dream is so capable of creating situations, worlds as only God could do.
And so a good dreamer, the onironaut, will take home a picture in which he flies, a photo where he is an actor while delivering all the Oscar prizes won, photos with celebrities, photos where he finds in indescribable worlds, all the photos from his own fantasy.

In the past year, some companies even recruited staff by asking for a sleepclick in addition to the curriculum; having a good picture of a dream is worth more than a good university training for example in animated movie production.

Photo album with photos of what has been dreamed inside
The photo album of our dreams and nightmares.

Obviously, it is not possible to retouch and create a fake photo of a dream, as the photos received are all cataloged by the company sleepclick, through the code entered it is possible to find the photo in the dream picture portal and verify it is true.
In the same portal you can participate in the most beautiful sleepclick contest, millions and millions of photos are uploaded every day.
I just have to wish you good night and golden photos!

Girl wearing a mask to capture her dreams
Light bulbs on the front of the mask indicate the state of the dream: dreams, does not dream, photo taken.