Your world in a game

Imagine being able to go around the street (the way you live in reality) and do all that goes through your head: disturbing the annoying neighbor, using the first car that you happen and choose to live every day in a different home.
How is it possible? Thanks to “Conspiracy – Your Home Edition” is the new console and computer game that lets you upload your neighborhood as a location.
Let’s understand, the game is horror, the one that makes the difference is that you are to decide where to play the story. As? By buying the game on the internet you have to indicate the address where you set the game. Everything here, in three days you will get a link to the game ready and done. And it does not end here: I have the ability to load the faces of the characters I’ll see inside the game, so I can decide that the monster to be defeated must look like my uncle’s mother-in-law or my boss. To do this, just upload a photo card to the characters.

Let’s take an example of what I mean: I pay for the game, I compile the field of ambition where I give an address. It could be my home, or a place known as the neighborhood around the Eiffel Tower, in short any address. A computer through the maps will create the place where the game takes place within a 5 km radius and will make it available a few days later. In the ordering game screen I can also upload the photos of the characters I want inside the game.
Have fun with “Conspiracy – your home edition”!