The black and white man

Mario Mongover is a man who wakes up every day with a different skin color.
Monday is white, Tuesday is black, Wednesday is white, Thursday is black and so on.
He lives two lives: in one he is a white man who works part-time in a supermarket only Monday-Wednesday-Friday, in the other is a black worker in a supermarket only Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday. Even Sunday works black but is white must use skin tricks.
Everything started just born, Dad, who was a visionary man, made him grow by having two lives, two ways of living, thinking, doing sports, and being with others.
In the 60’s Mario On Monday, he was a white man working in a supermarket not interested in anything that was happening around him; On Tuesday was a black man working in a supermarket and fighting for his emancipation and his brothers.
Mario is a man who lives on Monday in serenity leaning on the distressed evening knowing that Tuesday would be a hard day. Tuesday’s Mario is a man who knows he needs to be tenacious to face the day, the one that’s strength is that every time he feels better than the day before.
He has a different relationship with the same friends, Monday’s best friend is a stranger on Tuesday and vice versa. A Monday event has other nuances on Tuesdays or Thursdays.
Mario lives this way.