Come on the earth

In view of an imminent encounter among different planetary inhabitants, the people of the earth have been prepared by making a video that can convince these people to visit us, to choose our planet rather than another. The video is broadcasted every day at the early lights of the European dawn, it is the satellite to propagate it into the infinite universe. This is nothing more than a tourist spot for those who want to have a vacation on earth.

We have not missed the reactions of those who would like to convince these “neighbors” not to come and find us. This video is also transmitted by other satellites. After seeing both videos we come to think …
– Looking at the first video, this life and this world are wonderful.
– Looking at the second video: In fact, there are three reasons to convince someone not to know the man. Although there may be so many reasons. If you think about it, who would go to visit a neighbor who does not care about his home and has no respect for others? Maybe they should wait for nobody in the house to admire the house, but in that case it could be a violation of domicile. But this is a thought of a human who thinks this home world is ours.

Why come on earth?
390 thousand plant species currently in existence
Men of different color because diversity is wealth
The music
The food
Solidarity among men
The love
The animals
Car trips
Earth man technology
The fantasy of young men

Do not come to earth
A perfect home destroyed by its inhabitant
Men who kill other men
Even if a man has a short life, he can find time to hurt himself
Men say they went to the moon (earth satellite) but there are people who are starving.
Do you really want to know the man?