The color changing car

Is it possible to change the color of your car without having to repaint it?
Yes, by pressing a button.
The new cars, made by the most important car manufacturers, can change color every time we want it by pressing a simple button and then without having to go to the body shop.

Car changes color with the touch of a button

The structure of a car that changes color at the touch of a button consists of two very thin layers of plastic (nylon) placed above the car body.
The innermost layer (the one attached to the car body of the car) is a material that allows reflection and diffusion of light in all directions within the layer itself; the second layer, the outermost one, contains LED lights inside it so small as to be invisible, which diffuse the light of the desired color.

Profile of a car with a layered system that allows color change
The two layers are installed above the body of the car so they have the same shape of the bodywork. The led in the second layer spread the color along the first reflective layer.

Can I change the color of my car without costs?
Yes, with this technology you can change the color of your car without paying and without going to the car body shop to repaint it. To do this we need to set the color program through the keyboard located inside the car. For each button, we can store a different color using the color code book provided.
Each color has its own code, this is memorized in a program that can be recalled by pressing a simple key.

Buttons that allow you to change color to the car
Keyboard with the car color program located inside the car.

When I want to change the color, I just press the corresponding button. In addition to my favorite color programs there is the main program, which is the default color of the car, the one I chose at the time of purchase.

A few years ago, a video was uploaded, built with skill using a video editing program, which showed a car that changed color several times.

The booklet for the choice of different colors of the car.
Book with color codes to change color to the vehicle.

In addition to using the control panel inside the car, you can select the program to change the color of your car from the button located in the remote control of the ignition key.
An important thing to remember is that for reasons of public safety, the color change of the machine is allowed only once a week and at the first ignition of the car. The on-board computer will not allow changes outside of these rules.

Car key with color change button
Remote control of the car with a color change button.

The number of colors that can be saved varies depending on the options that have been purchased, some manufacturers also allow you to load shapes and logos via USB.
In some cars model, the system is connected to the alarm system: if someone gets too close to the car it’s color changes in the corresponding side.

Vehicle changes color if someone approaches
A person leans against the car door and the whole side changes color.

The smart license plate

Speaking of safety, remember that since last year the vehicle identification plates will have a colored light bulb that will define the status of the car, for this they have been called “smart license plates”.

Car "smart license plate" with light bulb that gives information on the car
The license plate smart provides information on the status of the car.

The light bulb is connected to the car’s on-board computer that receives updates from the police servers.
Depending on the color of the light bulb it will be easy to identify:

  • Red for an uninsured vehicle.
  • Green when a vehicle is legit.
  • Yellow for unpaid car tax.
  • Flashing red for a stolen vehicle.
  • Black for a vehicle that does not carry enough passengers according to the “autostop alert” system.
  • White for tampered system.

Ultimately, among cars that change color and license plates with colored light bulbs, we say that we will no longer be able to define our city’s streets gray.