“Feedback”: vote everything and everyone

Feedback is the service that allows everyone to be judged and to judge by a vote of 1 to 10.
Everyone decides on what he wants to be judged: a new dress, hairstyle, professionalism at work and much more.

Initially the service was used in the shop store to make sure that their staff was evaluated directly by the customers. Today it has spread to ordinary people who can decide what to be evaluated.

Man in the street who sees on his smartphone the things that can be evaluated.
Around me there are many things that want to be evaluated: people, things, store…

How “Feedback” works

The system works via Bluetooth which, once activated, allows the“Feedback” application installed in your smartphone to identify all those elements (people and things) that can be evaluated.

Laura is at a wedding, the waiter has not been kind and continues to not be. At the end of the party he decides to give him a negative vote.
Monica has bought a new dress, wants feedback from those who meet her on the street. A vote from 1 to 10.

shop entrance with Feedback signboard
At the entrance to the store the sign says: “This is a feedback store, here you can vote the staff and the service”.

Advertising from the earth

Entering a “Feedback” shop you have the opportunity, at the end of the purchase and after leaving the store, to vote for: employees (availability, kindness, way to introduce themselves), local (cleaning, window, music), products purchased (quality), prices and discounts.

Greengrocer receiving feedback from customers
Shop that offering the “Feedback” service

The personalized Feedback

To the feedback related to the activity inside the stores another one is added. In fact, if the shop employee also has his own personal account at the “Feedback” service, he can receive judgments about other things that he has set up as “can be vote”.
For example, he created a personalized feedback for his new hairstyle.

Boy shows his hairstyle
Mario wants a vote on his new hairstyle

Ultimately, the service born for the evaluation of staff in the stores, has evolved allowing also the personalized feedback among the common people.