The personalized Feedback

In a previous article we talked about the evolution of the “Feedback” service from service dedicated only to commercial activities to service for everyone.
A guy who works in a “Feedback” store can receive votes for his work as an employee and, if he has a personal “Feedback” profile, be evaluated for other things he chooses.

A person registered for the “Feedback” service with a personal account can decide what to be evaluated. He chooses what the subject of the vote should be, for which the feedback becomes customizable.

Control panel of a "Feedback" user profile.
The screen of a “Feedback” user profile.

What device is needed?

In order to function, the service does not need any special tools but a simple one smartphone with bluetooth and installation of the application “FeedbApp”.

The bluetooth makes the person identifiable and votable by others.

As an alternative to the telephone, it can be used “Cipsto” watch which is sent free of charge to your address when you sign up for the service.

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The votes and the rules

When approaching with your smartphone a something that can be voted, this is identified, then you will hear an acoustic signal and a message on the screen will say:

Feedback has identified 5 elements

Girls who consult the Feedback application
The application has identified some elements that can be judged: The restaurant and the two girls Mary and Federica with their personalized feedback (vote for my shoes and my dress).

The votes range from 1 to 10. Avoid being always negative and to give everyone 1. The system is calibrated for to prevent a person from always giving negative votes, in fact, after a certain number of low vote, one will appear a question like:

Is everything all wrong now? What do you say to take a break? On your return, tell us what your favorite movie is and give it a vote.

Man at a shop counter
A “Feedback” store

The service invites everyone to vote, to judge someone or something. All members must contribute to the growth of the community and if you are not active in sending votes to others, the system will invite you to do it: you can not use the service only for receive votes.

Today you received seventeen votes for your personalized feedback: “What do you think of my new dress?”.
Other votes have just arrived but to be able to count them you must also give feedback to others. Contribute too, vote now.

Giovanni and Vera having a personal profile, have set up a personalized feedback to be judged respectively for the style and the dress. Mario, however, has been identified by the App in the shop where he works, and can be voted for his professionalism. In the last image, clothes that can receive feedback have a label with a chip that allows them to be identified by the application.

The rankings

Being judged for something and then receiving a vote also means being part of the Feedback ranking.
To understand, if our personalized feedback is: “what do you think of my new hairstyle?” in real time I can see my position in the ranking and what has been judged, until now, the haircut he has received the highest score of the day.

Message on smartphone indicating the elements to be voted
The smartphone with active bluetooth has identified nearby items that can be voted on.