Images from terrestrials

For some years, scientists living on other planets other than the Earth, unable to reach physically for the infinity of the universe, can access our satellites to gather information and study. In particular, the data that has often been sent to the infinite universe, are photographed and portrayed scenes from the everyday life of terrestrial man. What we have to think about is that this information (videos, photos, texts) is interpreted by living beings totally different from us and that, therefore, they will make an idea of what they see, linked to their way of being.
The case broke out when scenes of seemingly familiar scenes were widespread for us: people watching TV. The problem arises because the television screen turns off in all the photos, for a strange optical effect of the transmitted photo, all the TVs are turned off. What idea will the inhabitants of the other planets do? What do we do hours and hours in front of these screens? Why do we get together in groups to look at a black rectangle and make us hypnotize? Why is the young man or old man going through all this time like this, but even if this rectangle transmits information, why prefer to sit in front of that?

Understanding that the idea of us is that the inhabitants of other lands can not have a definite answer, perhaps in order to identify us in their thoughts and detach ourselves from ourselves, we must imagine looking at the pictures of other beings of which we know nothing. What would you think if they behaved like this? What would your judgment be in front of these frames?

Somewhere in the galaxy, there are peoples who have built space ships that can land on our land in a short time, but are we sure they want it?

We are so used to the behaviors of humans that now seem all legitimate and normal, many of which are justified by “we are human and it’s normal to be wrong”. Some people say that sometimes, in order to understand if you are having the right behavior, you have to change perspective, get out of character, and look outside. If our actions were made by other beings, our eyes would only be “stupid.” Point.