The end of “irrelevant” websites

Today, at the question “how many web sites exist?” we can answer: “There is a website for every inhabitant of the earth.” But the real question to ask is: “Are all useful?”. Do we really think we can keep all these sites (and continue to create others) without having any impact on the environment?
And if we add these resources to the network: videos, photos, texts on social networks, etc. We are talking about huge amounts of data.
Even a person who has no hardware knowledge can understand that an Internet site is a set of codes that physically resides within a device. These devices, called servers, occupy space, consume energy, produce carbon dioxide, many require that liquids like water to cool, somehow pollutants.

Skyscrapers silhouette with numbers 0 and 1 (bit) on the facade
Bit city life

A first introduction to this topic was made in the article dealing with the theme of “nature on planet earth at the time of technological man”.
What are the reasons for the existence of websites without hit or videos uploaded by mistake that have the title “Proof”?
For these reasons, it was decided to delete unnecessary resources from the internet. It does not mean limiting freedom of expression, but it means that when something is published, it is being analyzed. If my video is not seen by anyone after a number of days, this disappears. If I have published a web page that should be useful to man but that is not being used by anyone in a year, this is deleted.

Man throwing a lot of digital garbage in the garbage container of internet.
Put digital waste in the appropriate container

Irrelevant web resources

Thus the concept of “irrelevant resource” is born. It includes all the videos, photos, text, websites, applications, etc … posted on the internet that has posted on the internet that are not seen by anyone. Nobody sees them. Their existence does not bring any benefit to man and therefore there is no reason why they should “occupy” space.
And so the first web site called “irrelevant resource” comes into history: “untutorial” official site.

preview of the un-tutorial website defined as irrelevant
Website “untutorial”

A tutorial is a video channel that publishes video lessons that actually do not teach anything or better say what everyone already knows; are videos full of obvious stories that do not explain exactly how to do or how to find the exact solution of a problem (not tutorial). In short, a controversial video container.
At this point, the Internet foundation for the removal of irrelevant resources intervened, which at first imposed a night-time closure (so it was not accessible at night). At a later time, the site was republished in a “dark” version, meaning everything had to be dark: this to limit the brightness of the screens that showed it. And finally the total closure of the channel; this after the site has been screened for a number of months until the number of evidence supported (especially the number of monthly visitors was the key figure) led to the result that these web resources were not reason to exist on the internet because they lacked usefulness .




To understand, let’s take the example of the lesson “How to get a salary in 40 seconds”.

It is clear that i expect to see a video where the final explanation is intended to tell me how  “i will have a salary in no time”. But seeing the video is not the case, in the meantime 40 are the seconds of the video duration (including the introduction and the final logo) while the content says what we all know a lot: be a good student, graduate and participate in competitions up when you do not get a job. In short, all the speeches we knew about us without the need to create a video and waste time.
Certainly, for some of these videos are still nice, but the number of visitors is so low that it does not define these resources relevant to man.
The site has changed strategy several times during its existence, initially was able to attract attention with fake videos. Among the best known are those titled “How to Learn to Cook”. There was a boy sitting in the chair saying, “Well, you were waiting for a video on how to start cooking, but I’ll be sitting here for five minutes without doing anything”. Users for curiosity were still watching.

Preview of another irrelevant website that has the earth's background and in the foreground the inscription "many problems"
“Irrelevant” website

Another case is that of the site “How many are the problems in the world?”, a web space consisting of just one word and a background image; 3 Mb of space used without any sense. This web resource has also been called “irrelevant” and will end its existence shortly.

Publish, invent, share, but be relevant.