Google does not know

This story is from 2002 in Italy.
During the english lesson, the professor made a specific question to the class and promised to give a good vote to the student who would give the correct answer. The question was this: “What is the plural of woman?”. The students began to think about it, each of them fearful that someone knew or remembered to bring the Italian-English dictionary, but nobody raised his hand. Each student was looking for ideas to find the solution: the title of a movie (“what women want” was already released in theaters) or the title of a song; others began to try to say that for the plurale it was enough to add a “s”.
Eventually the students could not find the solution, the professor revealed to them the answer.

What we want to focus on is not the fact that an Italian class in 2002 did not know the plural of “woman” but that such a story would not be possible today. Unless the professor had asked the students to turn off their phones. But in any case, today in Italy English is studied in elementary schools, so this question is likely to be too simple for today’s students.

Two school classes comparing: to the left the one without internet and to the right one with smartphone and then internet connection.
A professor makes a question in a class without the Internet and another class connected.


The game quiz

From this fact, the idea of the game “Did not match” came out, the app that gives millions of prizes simply by answering three questions. So easy? It looks like this.
The problem is that the answers do not exist on the internet. There is no way to find the answer unless you know it.

"Did not match" logo formed by a rumble as a background and a little boy raising his hand as if to say he knows the answer.
In “did not match” you win if you know more of Google.

How does it work?
The application is based on a his search engine that is able to identify among many topics, those that do not have references on internet. So when a new question arrives at a smartphone, it is pointless to waste time searching for response on internet.
Do not copy and paste the question on Google, search engines can not help you.

How to play?
To play just download the app and buy a coin at the price of 0.99 cents. So you enter the game, 5 questions will arrive during the month at any time of the day. Correctly answering 3 questions out of 5 you win a prize equal to the total prize visible in the application’s home.

Screenshot of app quiz game called "did not match" where the final price is displayed.
Home screen of the quiz application “did not match”.

One important thing is the time: You have 2 minutes to answer the question when you receive it (a notification with a voice will alert you) there is the ability to send it to your friends via the chat that the application makes available to you. If I do not have registered friends I can invite them to play, the prize will be split. Many users have started adding to their chat people with a high culture and specialists in all fields, will they succeed in game?

Do not concentrate on the questions posted on the internet by those who have already played, these have certainly disappeared from the game because they are identified by app’s search engine.
So try to win on “did not match” quiz with questions that Google does not know; how to say “or you know it or you know it”, Google does not know.

quiz icon "did not march" where you win knowing that Google does not know.
You just need to know three things more than Google to win.