The Feedback ranking

In a previous article we talked about “Feedback”: a service that allows you to express an opinion about someone or something, and to receive votes through the so-called feedback personalized in which one has the possibility to decide what to submit to the judgment of others. The service does not end here, in fact the votes you receive allow you to be part of a ranking.

Being voted also means being part of a ranking

Whenever someone expresses a judgment through a vote of 1 to 10, the score is added to that of the other voters to give life to an average that will then form the final ranking of the day for feedback.

An example can clarify: if I have activated a personalized feedback asking for a judgment for my new look with my new eyeglasses, I can see in real time how many votes I have received, the average of the votes and my position compared to other users who they created the same kind of feedback.

The boy has an average of 6 votes and in the limited ranking of the city of Milan is thirty-fifth. Monica wants a vote for her hairstyle, and is first in the world rankings. He received more than 160 thousand votes with an average of 9.5; his hair style is considered the best of the day.

So in real time, depending on the subject of the feedback, you can see what was considered the best hairstyle, the best salesman, the best pizza of the day but even the one who is considered a good friend. There may be endless rankings that depend on the personalized feedback created, maybe someone will create one to be judged the color of the car that he has chosen, the music he transmits in his club, the taste of the arancine for sale etc etc etc …

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The “Feedback” service in summary:
You can vote for everyone. Initially used only by companies, then it spread among the common people. Through personalized feedback, it is possible to decide which is the subject of the evaluation: a thing, a person, a service. The votes range from 1 to 10. To use the service just a smartphone with bluetooth or the watch “Cipsto”. A guy may want to be voted for his new haircut. It will activate the personalized feedback by clicking on “vote me for” in the Feedback app (FeedbApp).

Man at work
When you enter a place where you can give an opinion by clicking on the map in the Feedback app you can see in 3D everything you can give a vote: goods, staff, local. In the shops I can give a vote to the employees, the minimum grade is 1. They will be part of a ranking.
Arturo's pizza and cashier
Giovanni, after buying the pizzas in Arturo’s pizzeria, felt bad. All night long he had stomach cramps. Will give a negative rating to the pizza but positive to the cashier who was very kind. Arturo’s pizza loses points in the general classification.

Other situations:

  • In a “Feedback” doctor’s office, you can express an opinion about him as a professional, you can judge the decor of his studio because the company that makes the chairs is a company registered with “Feedback”. You can vote for the monitor, the lamp, the waiting time and the kindness of the secretary at the entrance.
  • You are in Naples, go to the feedback app and see in the ranking what is the best Pizza of the moment.
  • Are you watching a sports event on TV? you can vote on the television, it’s lines, the audio, the clarity of the images. All that the manufacturer has decided to be rate. But if there are other people with the “Feedback” app you can rate them and what they want to be judged in them. Even watching the sporting event you can judge the protagonists, the athletes, the behavior of the public, the referee and all that the Feedback TV has planned to vote.
Girl with Feedback service ticket
With this service you can express an opinion about everything that surrounds you.

Finally we add an important detail that will be added in the next update of the application: for feedback dedicated to professionals, the first of each ranking is highlighted in the application with a different color and its rating has more weight. Imagine being a waiter and receiving a positive vote from another waiter who is considered, in the ranking, as the best.