The first “GIF book”

Pollution is the subject of the first “GIF book” ever created, and the choice of this theme is not accidental. The creators have always thought that the first book GIFb had to deal with an important issue. The text deals with the problem of pollution by focusing on the unbalanced relationship between man and nature.

What is a GIF book?

Icon of a GIF book consisting of electronic tracks that close a book
GIF book icon.

A “GIF book” is a book in which the images present are GIF animations, just like those of websites. This is possible thanks to a small integrated screen in the center of each page.
A page of a GIFb is twice as thick as that of a normal book because it must contain the screen, the latter is perfectly inserted in the page that houses it without creating any kind of groove or difference in thickness because it is made of elastic materials that they adapt to the curvatures of the book.
Each GIF reader (so we could call the internal screen on each page) is made of light and transparent plastic material. Inside there is a memory chip that preserves the GIF to show.

Infographics on the thickness of a GIF book
The difference between a paper of a “normal” book and one of a “GIF book” is really minimal.


Update of GIF images

A very interesting feature is that the book can be updated, in the sense that thanks to the internal Wi-Fi device (as thin as a page) it connects itself to the free network, and so it will be possible to send animation updates to the memory chips; useful if the author has created new GIF images.
The book does not need batteries to show the illustrations: just slide all the pages, as to view the contents quickly, to recharge it thanks to a simple energy storage device.

Pages of a GIF book with text and illustration that changes color
The thin integrated screen shows the GIFs.

The first GIF book: “I destroy”

“I destroy”, entered history because the first of its kind, addresses one of the greatest ills of our time and that will also mark the next: pollution.
The issue is addressed by suggesting solutions and making the reader understand that if we want to take care of this world we must do it ourselves in our small daily gestures.
The text is enriched with nice animated GIFs of a few seconds that are repeated endlessly.

Two pages of the book "I destroy" that talk about pollution
Pages of the book dedicated to soil impoverishment.

The book focuses a lot on the role that each of us has, on the responsibility that every person who lives in this land has towards the earth itself; but what do men do if the house burns?
In the dedicated illustration, the world is like a home, but if our house burns we immediately take action and do everything to put out the fire right away. Yet for the home-world it is not so, the man elected by other men to represent them, before facing a big problem, sends everything back to a meeting at a future date with other men from other countries.
As if in front of the fire we said: “well, see you next month”. And often men give themselves years to extinguish that fire. When the house is destroyed.

World globe shaped like a burning house
The world is in an emergency, the man will take measures without haste.

For these reasons, what every one of us can do every moment is fundamental, and today “the nature on planet earth at the time of technological man” is a wounded nature.
A book that deals with the theme of ecology is also a book that uses recycled materials.


Some animations present in the book

Land with cut trees and wood accumulation
Destruction of the woods.
Man walks in a street full of trash
Pollution from waste.
Two fish swimming in dirty water
Pollution of the sea.
Factory that throws fumes in the air and liquids in the soil
Industrial pollution.